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What to do if involved in an RV Accident

As people have been able to travel while working remotely, along with retirement travel becomes more common, we see more recreational vehicles (RVs), or motor homes on the roadways.  Although motor homes can be as long as a semi-truck and are very difficult to maneuver, many states, including Ohio, do...

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Simple Tips to Avoid Slip and Fall Injuries

To help you avoid injury when walking on ice and snow, Karp Steiger offers these simple tips: 1.  Walk slowly and deliberately and wear boots or other slip-resistant footwear. 2.  Be prepared for black-ice formation after melting occurs. 3.  Exercise caution when getting in and out of vehicles. 4.  Watch...

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How to Avoid Car Accidents This Spring

We all love spring.  Let’s face it, after a long cold winter, any warmth we get in Northeast Ohio is welcomed. With anything in life, change can be difficult, and at times, even dangerous.  While we welcome longer daylight hours, we often can be affected in ways we don’t realize....

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How To Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Now that summer is here, FINALLY, we are outdoors enjoying the sun and many have started driving motorcycles.  While it’s important for motorcyclists to follow the rules of the road, its equally important that those of us who are driving larger vehicles do our part to stay alert and help...

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Are You a Victim?

Are you a victim of sexual abuse by Dr. Robert E Anderson? With a delicate case of this nature, it is important to work with a law firm that you can trust to fight for you with the utmost dignity and discretion. At Karp Steiger, we have decades of experience...

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Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Business Interruption (“BI”) coverage typically covers short term financial loss arising from an interruption to business operations as a result of damage to the business premises or equipment.  The coverage may extend to lost revenues, rent and/or utilities, among other things.  A contingent business interruption provision generally provides coverage for...

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