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Teenage Drivers – How To Make Sure They Are Being Cautious

So your teenager is aching to drive. We are all nervous, as teenagers and as parents. Here in Ohio, car accidents caused by teenagers is a serious problem throughout the year. The summer months are especially deadly, according to several studies that have focused on crashes caused by young drivers.

Let our attorneys here at Karp Steiger help you know what to do here in Northeast Ohio.

Motor vehicle accidents are the number on cause of death among teenagers 15-18 years old according to the National Traffic Safety Administration. Each year thousands of teenagers in that age group die in motor vehicle accidents nationwide.

The problem exists in Ohio, especially in areas like, Cleveland, Medina, Beachwood, Toledo, Youngstown, and many other cities here in Northeast Ohio just to name a few. According to the Ohio Highway Safety Office, 15% of motor vehicle accidents are caused by teenagers.

While car accidents caused by teenagers can happen at any time, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day are especially deadly.

What are the reasons behind the rise in motor vehicle accidents among teenagers in the summer? According to the Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research of AAA, “teens tend to have more unstructured time behind the wheel” during the summer.

Other reasons behind these motor vehicle accidents in Northeast Ohio include, but are not limited to, Distracted Driving, Not Wearing a Seatbelt, Speeding, etc.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident because of a teenager, you should take certain steps to make sure you are protected. See how our attorneys here at Karp Steiger can help you. See our Frequently Asked Questions and how we Approach each case to help you handle your car accident.

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