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Workplace Injuries

Receive Justice for Your Workplace Injuries in Beachwood, Ohio

Every day in Ohio, workplace injuries impact both white-collar and blue-collar employees alike. From slips and falls at the office to construction site accidents, workplace injuries can cause significant workplace disruption. More importantly, workplace accidents can cause life-changing injuries that dramatically impact workers and their families. 

Workplace injuries always take different forms and may include broken and fractured bones, muscle tears, sprains, strains, and even psychological issues such as depression and anxiety that develop as a result of one’s inability to work. At Karp Steiger, we understand the serious impact that workplace injuries can have on workers and their loved ones.

Our team of attorneys has over 75 years of combined legal experience assisting employees and their families. In every case, our mission is to pursue the full amount of compensation permitted under the law and the facts of the case. During a free consultation with the attorneys at Karp Steiger, we will discuss the specifics of your case and the compensation you may be paid. 

Our team proudly handles a wide range of workplace injuries, including car and truck accidents, construction site accidents, warehouse accidents, maritime accidents, railroad accidents, office accidents, delivery accidents, and all other on-the-job accidents. In every case, our mission is to pursue the full amount of compensation permitted under the law and facts of the case. 

During a free consultation with the attorneys at Karp Steiger, we will discuss the specifics of your case and the compensation you may expect to receive. Call us now at (216) 242-1171.

What Are the Different Causes of Workplace Accidents?

Workplace accidents can occur due to various factors, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified the following as some of the most frequently encountered causes:

  • Falling from an elevated position
  • Excessive physical effort
  • Accidents caused by slipping and falling
  • Being hit by an object
  • Acts of violence

Numerous additional factors can lead to workplace accidents. These include instances such as electrocution, coming into contact with hazardous chemicals, and repeatedly engaging in the same physical task, which is often associated with the development of conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

What Are the Different Workplace Accidents in Ohio?

Workplace accidents can occur in various scenarios and occupations, extending beyond traffic accidents involving employees who drive vehicles. The diverse nature of work means that employees are exposed to a wide range of risks. At our law firm, we handle numerous types of workplace accidents, some of which are particularly common. These include:

  • Accidents that occur in construction settings
  • Incidents that happen in industrial environments
  • Accidents that take place in office settings
  • Injuries sustained in retail stores
  • Accidents occurring in warehouses

If you have been injured while working, it is important to seek immediate medical attention and promptly inform your employer about the accident. Don’t delay in reaching out to our law firm. 

Our qualified Beachwood workplace injury attorney is here to assist you in navigating the complexities of your workplace accident, ensuring that you understand all the aspects involved and guiding you toward informed legal choices.

What is Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation Claim?

According to Ohio law, you have the potential to receive workers’ compensation benefits for your work-related injury or occupational illness. You don’t need to prove your employer’s negligence or fault in causing the injury or illness, nor do you have to file a lawsuit against your employer to obtain benefits. To be eligible for benefits, you need to show that your injury or illness:

  • The Incident Occurred During Your Employment. This means that your injury or illness occurred while you were engaged in work-related tasks.
  • The Injury or Illness Originated From Your Employment. This implies that your injury or illness was caused by a factor directly related to your job.

Establishing these two factors can be challenging and dependent on the specific circumstances surrounding your illness. However, our team of workplace injury attorneys in Ohio is well-versed in the process of collecting relevant medical documentation and other evidence to substantiate your claim. 

We are skilled in presenting compelling arguments to the Industrial Commission, demonstrating why you are entitled to receive the benefits you deserve.

Am I Eligible for Ohio Workers’ Compensation?

To be eligible for Ohio workers’ compensation benefits, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • You are employed by an employer who contributes to the Ohio workers’ compensation system.
  • You have suffered an injury while working or while engaged in work-related activities.
  • You possess medical documentation that demonstrates your injury is a direct result of a work-related incident.
  • You submit the necessary paperwork within the designated timeframes specified by the applicable regulations.

What Are the Different Types of Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Ohio provides various compensation benefits to workers who have sustained injuries on the job. The specific benefits you may qualify for depend on factors such as your medical treatments, physical restrictions, and ability to work. Here is a concise summary of the available benefits:

Temporary Total (TT) Compensation

If your injury prevents you from working for a temporary period, temporary total compensation can help replace your lost wages. This benefit is available if you are unable to work for more than seven consecutive days.

Permanent Partial (PP) Compensation

Permanent partial compensation aims to provide financial support for any lasting limitations or impairments you may experience following a work-related injury. Its purpose is to assist you in coping with the permanent effects of the injury.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Compensation

If your injury renders you permanently unable to work, permanent total disability compensation will provide financial assistance by covering a portion of your lost wages for the remainder of your life. This compensation is intended to support you in maintaining your livelihood despite the permanent disability.

Scheduled Loss (SL)

This compensation is typically provided for conditions such as amputations, loss of function, loss of vision, or loss of hearing. The amount of compensation will be based on the specific circumstances and severity of the injury.

Facial Disfigurement (FD)

If you have visible damage to your head or face as a result of a work injury, you may be eligible for a one-time monetary award called facial disfigurement compensation. The maximum amount payable for FD is $10,000, which can be received as a lump sum payment. However, lower amounts are typically paid for minor injuries.

Wage Loss (WL) Compensation

If your injury leads to a situation where you have to work in a lower-paying job or if you are unable to find suitable employment due to physical limitations, you may qualify for wage loss compensation. This compensation is designed to help make up for the difference in income you experience as a result of your injury.

Living Maintenance Compensation

Living maintenance compensation could be an appropriate option for you if you are participating in a rehabilitation program. It serves as a replacement for temporary total compensation during this period.

Change of Occupation (COA)

Change of occupation compensation is available for workers who need to switch to a different occupation as a result of their injuries. This benefit applies to individuals who develop cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases due to their work conditions.

Payment of Medical Bills

You can receive payment for your medical bills incurred as a result of your injury, as long as they have been pre-authorized. This means that the expenses for necessary medical treatments related to your injury can be covered.

Death Claims

If a worker tragically loses their life while on the job, their dependents may be eligible for compensation. Death benefits are provided to dependents based on the extent of their reliance on the deceased worker. This financial support helps provide for the needs of the surviving family members during this difficult time.


A settlement refers to a single, lump sum payment that can be arranged through negotiations with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation or your employer. By agreeing to a settlement, you would receive a one-time payment, and any ongoing compensation would be discontinued. It’s possible to settle either the entire or a portion of your workers’ compensation claim.

When Should I File My Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim?

Previously, Ohio employees who were injured had a two-year time frame to file a workers’ compensation claim starting from the date of their injury. However, since October 2017, the deadline has been shortened to one year from the date of the injury. The Ohio Legislature made this change to limit the number of claims filed, reduce the burden on employers, and decrease the submission of questionable claims

It’s important to understand that this new one-year statute of limitations does not apply to claims related to Occupational Disease (OD) or applications for Violation of Specific Safety Requirements (VSSR).

Why Do I Need a Workplace Injury Attorney in Ohio?

If you have experienced a workplace injury in Ohio, hiring a workplace injury attorney can be crucial for several reasons:

Legal Know-How

Our workplace injury attorney in Beachwood, OH has in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements, procedures, and deadlines involved in filing a claim and pursuing compensation. Our experience can greatly enhance your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Maximizing Compensation

Our legal team will work to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your workplace injury. We will assess the extent of your injuries, and calculate the appropriate compensation based on medical expenses, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and any future implications of the injury. This can help you receive fair compensation that covers all your losses.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often try to minimize their liability and pay as little as possible for workplace injury claims. They may use various tactics to undermine your claim or pressure you into accepting a lower settlement. 

Our skilled personal injury attorney can handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf, protecting your rights and ensuring that you are not taken advantage of.

Navigating the Legal Process

The legal process can be complex, involving paperwork, documentation, and legal procedures that must be followed accurately and within specified timeframes. 

Our accomplished Beachwood workplace injury attorney will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that all necessary forms are filled out correctly, deadlines are met, and all relevant evidence is gathered and presented effectively. This helps to build a strong case and increases your chances of success.

Appeals and Disputes

In some cases, a workers’ compensation claim may be denied or disputed by your employer or their insurance company. If this happens, we can help you navigate the appeals process and represent your interests in hearings or court proceedings, if necessary. We will work to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Hiring our qualified workplace injury attorney in Ohio can provide you with the right guidance, legal representation, and a higher likelihood of receiving fair compensation for your injuries. We will handle the legal complexities on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your recovery and well-being.

Individualized Legal Representation for All Workplace Accident Victims in Ohio

If you have suffered a workplace injury in Ohio, enlisting the services of our skilled Beachwood workplace injury attorney is crucial to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. We will navigate the complexities of the legal process, deal with insurance companies, and maximize your chances of a successful claim.

At Karp Steiger Co., LPA, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional legal services to individuals facing work injury issues in Ohio. Our team of accomplished workplace injury attorneys is dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured workers and ensuring they receive fair compensation. 

We can also assist you with Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Dog Bites and Animal Attacks, Slip and Fall, Nursing Home Abuse, and Sex Abuse. Contact us today to schedule a risk free consultation and let us help you navigate the legal complexities and obtain the justice you deserve.

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