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Traumatic Amputation

Ohio Traumatic Amputation Attorneys

If you have experienced a significant injury because of the negligent conduct of others, a defective product, etc., amputation of a limb may be medically necessary to prevent the spread of disease and infection. Even though an amputation may save your life, it will dramatically alter your way of living. Normal and ordinary tasks and duties may become impossible. Caring for yourself may become difficult. Providing for others may be too much for you. On top of all of this, you will be faced with extensive medical bills, difficult physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions, and emotional and mental stress.

At Karp Steiger, our Ohio injury lawyers understand amputation cases and have experience in handling cases where people have lost limbs. Specifically, the attorneys at Karp Steiger have helped those suffering from amputations obtain compensation for medical costs, therapy, prescriptions, pain, suffering, lost opportunities, and psychological trauma.

To position ourselves to obtain compensation for our clients, we gladly listen to our clients’ stories and will do whatever is necessary to fully investigate and understand the facts leading to the injury causing amputation. From there, we fight for all the possible compensation allowed by law and the facts to ensure our clients who suffer amputations can hold the negligent party responsible for their conduct.

What are some examples of claims that can be brought that may have resulted in an amputation?

Defective machines; improperly guarded punch presses; exercise equipment including exercise bands that snap; faulty construction equipment; tread separation on tires; exploding or combustible products; dangerous machinery including lawn mowers, chain saws, and industrial equipment without automatic shutoffs or guards; malfunctioning elevators; and faulty amusement park and carnival rides.

What are some reasons that products cause amputations?

Products can malfunction or otherwise cause traumatic amputations for different reasons. One of the following is the basis for a product liability claim.

Manufacturing Defects

A product is defective after it leaves the control of the manufacturer, and the product had deviated in a material way from the design specifications, formula, or performance standards of the manufacturer.

Failure to Warn

Unless there is an open and obvious risk, a product is considered defective if there is an inadequate warning about a certain risk or hazard that could occur.

Failure to Conform to Representations

A product is defective if it did not conform, when it left the control of the manufacturer, to a representation by the manufacturer.

Design Defects

When a product leaves the control of the manufacturer, the foreseeable risks associated with its design exceeds the benefits associated with that design or formulation.

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At Karp Steiger, we represent clients who suffered a traumatic amputation or another life-changing catastrophic injury. We stand up and ensure that you receive the full compensation you need to cover your losses. Call our team of experienced attorneys at 216-358-OHIO (6446) if you or a loved one have suffered an amputation as the result of another’s negligent conduct.

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