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Paralysis injuries cause the loss of sensory and motor function in certain areas of the body. These injuries are life-changing and can cause physical and psychological pain. Paralysis stems from spine injuries that involve complete severance of the spinal cord. Treatment for paralysis can involve hospitalization and ongoing medical care for the rest of a victim’s life. Paralysis costs can easily be millions of dollars over a lifetime.

Anyone with paralysis from an accident should immediately speak with an Ohio law firm that handles severe injury cases.

Types of Paralysis

There are different types of paralysis:

Paralysis can affect organ functions as well as the limbs and motor functions. People with paralysis need wheelchairs and possibly additional equipment or full-time care.

After a possible spinal injury, get emergency medical treatment. Professionals can stabilize your condition and work to prevent complications and improve your prognosis as much as possible. Once your health reaches a stable level, you should not wait to learn about your legal options if you think someone else caused your accident and injuries.

Speak with an Ohio Paralysis Injury Attorney

The legal team of Karp Steiger works with clients who suffered catastrophic and costly injuries. We are experienced personal injury lawyers who have taken on many highly complicated paralysis cases. We have seen how dramatically paralysis can change a life, and we navigate the legal landscape for you. Please contact our office today by calling (216) 696-3515 for a free case consultation if you or a loved one suffered paralysis from an accidental spinal injury.

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