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In Ohio, an employer can be found liable for its negligent hiring, training, retention, and/or supervision of its employees. A negligent hiring, training, retention, and/or supervision claim is a direct action against an employer, based upon an employee’s conduct that the law regards as wrongful and which would not have occurred but for the employer’s failure to properly hire, supervise or retain the employee.

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Claims of Negligent Hiring and Retention

Some examples of negligent hiring, training, retention, and/or supervision include:

In 2021, negligent hiring claims became easier to prove in Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court concluded that an employer can be sued for damages for an employee’s misconduct under negligent hiring, retention, or supervision theories without having to prove the individual committed a crime in connection with the underlying wrongful act.

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The lawyers at Karp Steiger have obtained significant verdicts and recovered millions of dollars on negligent hiring, training, retention, and supervision claims. One claim involved a young lady who was raped on a job interview. Another involved a school bus driver who failed to monitor students on the bus, one of whom sexually assaulted another student. If you or a loved one were victimized by an employee whose employer should not have hired him/her or failed to monitor his or her activities, call Karp Steiger for a free, no risk, consultation at (216) 696-3515 .

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