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Concussions are serious and often misunderstood injuries. Many people assume that a concussion is not a concerning condition, but anyone who hits their head in an accident should seek medical treatment to determine whether they have a concussion. Treatment of a concussion can vary and might involve rest, avoiding work, school, or other activities, and symptom management. For some people, concussion symptoms can persist for months or even years, which can disrupt their lives.

Anyone with a concussion from an accident should immediately consult with an Ohio law firm that handles brain injury cases.

Symptoms of a Concussion

Concussions are often called “mild” brain injuries, but these are not minor injuries. Any damage to your brain tissue is always a cause for concern, and concussions can disrupt your ability to do your job, perform in school, or even complete everyday tasks.

Some symptoms of a concussion can include:

The type of symptoms depends on which part of the brain sustained damage due to the concussion.

After head trauma, always get medical treatment right away. This can identify your injury and help to improve your recovery time when possible. Once you start receiving treatment and have a diagnosis, discuss your rights with a legal professional.

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