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How to Avoid Car Accidents This Spring

We all love spring.  Let’s face it, after a long cold winter, any warmth we get in Northeast Ohio is welcomed. With anything in life, change can be difficult, and at times, even dangerous.  While we welcome longer daylight hours, we often can be affected in ways we don’t realize. The time change can bring a lack of sleep, decreased concentration, and generally a higher risk of car accidents.  Daylight Savings Time, for example, statistically has brought about higher percentages of fatal accidents.  Springtime also brings allergies which can affect our thinking abilities and even make us extremely groggy.

What can we do to prevent a car accident during this transitional phase?

Try getting a little extra sleep.  You may say that is easier said than done, but by pushing back your bedtime by just 10 – 15 minutes a night in the days leading up to the time change, you can make sure your body is prepared for this transition.  Sleep can also increase mental awareness to help you pay closer attention to your surroundings while driving, especially during pesky allergy season.

Spend time outside.  By us enjoying that warmer weather and being out in the great outdoors, taking short walks, we are able to be more alert during the day, and we are able to wind down earlier in the evening.

Take short naps.  Short naps have been found to be beneficial to increase your mental alertness, while fighting off those groggy periods.

What if naps are not an option.  You work full time and just do not have that ability to take naps during the day.  Try getting up and walking around the office for a few minutes.  Exercise not only increases your ability to think more clearly, but it also helps raise your immune system, helping you fight off any allergies you may face.

Drive defensively.  Since car accidents increase during the springtime, it is extremely important to watch your surroundings.  Try and do your part even though you can not control others.  Do not follow too closely, check your mirrors regularly, and avoid looking at your cell phone.

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