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Ohio Product Liability Attorneys

When corporations and manufacturers create and sell products to consumers, they have a responsibility to ensure the products they are providing to the public are safe for use and function properly. Consumers should be able to trust that the products they purchase are free from any hidden dangers that can threaten their safety.

All too often, however, corporations and manufacturers fail to ensure products are safe, leading to faulty and dangerous design, development, production, and instruction. Unsafe products are extremely dangerous and can have a profound impact on one’s health. If you have been injured by an unsafe or defective product, seek medical attention immediately.

Your next step should always be to consult with an Ohio product liability lawyer from Karp Steiger.

Defective Products in Ohio

No one product is immune to being unfit for public use. TVs can spontaneously catch fire. Cell phone batteries can randomly explode. Automobile parts can malfunction. Lawn mower blades can be faulty and prone to breaking and shattering. Children’s toys can contain dangerous chemicals. Prescription drugs may not have gone through appropriate avenues during the necessary trials prior to marketing.

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At Karp Steiger, our team of experienced attorneys routinely handle product liability cases. Our dedicated team will investigate the facts of your case and determine why the product was unsafe, why the product malfunctioned, why and how the product harmed you, if the product has caused harm to other consumers, how many other consumers the product has harmed, and who should be held accountable to the consumer for the unsafe product. Call us today at (216)-358-OHIO (6446) if you or a loved one have been injured by an unsafe product. We may be able to help.

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