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Pedestrian Accidents

Ohio Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Whether it’s heading to your favorite ice cream place in the summer or walking to get a warm coffee in the fall, pedestrians are routinely out at all hours of the day throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, pedestrians are commonly injured in pedestrian accidents as a result of another’s negligent conduct.

If you suffered injuries, discuss your rights with Ohio pedestrian accident lawyers from Karp Steiger today.

Liability for Your Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Common causes of pedestrian accidents include distracted drivers, speeding, drunk drivers, inattention to crosswalks, low light conditions, and driver impatience.

After a pedestrian accident occurs, it is important to seek the medical attention you need. Any accident involving a pedestrian can result in serious and catastrophic injury as pedestrians are completely defenseless against cars, trucks, buses, and trains. Once medical care has been sought, injured pedestrians should report the incident to local law enforcement and create an incident report. If possible, the pedestrian should also take photos of the scene and their injuries, gather contact information from potential witnesses, and obtain the negligent individual’s contact information.

Our Ohio Pedestrian Accident Law Firm is Ready to Help

Those injured in pedestrian accidents should also contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. At Karp Steiger, our team of experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can assist you with any injury sustained in a pedestrian accident. Common injuries stemming from pedestrian accidents include broken and fractured bones, head trauma, leg injuries, neck and back injuries, and brain damage. Trying to seek compensation alone can be difficult, expensive, and daunting.

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