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Motorcycle Accidents

Ohio Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents occur at an alarmingly high rate in Ohio and can be incredibly dangerous. Over 80,000 motorcyclists are injured annually – many of them seriously – and approximately 5,000 are killed in single and multiple vehicle crashes. The leading cause of collisions between motor vehicles and motorcycles is the failure of the car or truck driver to detect and recognize the motorcycle due to its small size.

If you suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash, our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers at Karp Steiger are ready to help.

Risks of Motorcycle Accidents in Ohio

More than one-third of all car-motorcycle crashes occur at intersections, often caused by a car failing to yield the right of way. Drivers may claim that they didn’t see the motorcycle or recognize its speed, believing it to be farther away or moving more slowly than it really is.

In addition to being incredibly dangerous, motorcycle accidents can be surprisingly confusing, and many motorcycle accident victims are confused about what to do next. Victims will often encounter the other driver denying any wrongdoing and insurance companies refusing to accept liability for their drivers. The victim is then forced to deal with this confusion and frustration all while having to treat at hospitals and other facilities for potential life-changing injuries they sustained as a result of other driver’s negligent conduct - injuries such as broken and fractured bones, road rash, cuts, lacerations, whiplash, concussions, torn muscles, and even death. These injuries will undoubtedly lead to more emotional and financial stress, confusion, and trauma.

Oftentimes, motorcycle cases are some of the most difficult and complex cases to litigate, both in terms of proving liability and establishing damages. Handling a motorcycle case is significantly different than handling a car crash.

Find the Right Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

At Karp Steiger, our team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys can minimize victim confusion and help ease the stress and burden of dealing with motorcycle accidents. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate facts and circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident, gather evidence, and take an aggressive stance in dealing with insurance companies to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

We are able and willing to pursue all legal avenues to ensure our clients get the case outcome they want and deserve. Call our office today at 216-358-OHIO (6446) for a free case consultation if you or a loved one were injured as a result of a motorcycle accident.

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