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Medical Malpractice

Ohio Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence Attorneys

Despite years of education and experience, doctors are human beings that can make mistakes. Some of these mistakes, however, are entirely avoidable and unacceptable when the mistakes cause worsening conditions and threaten a person’s life. Medical malpractice and medical negligence is conduct that is below a generally accepted standard of medical care and can occur via surgical errors, misdiagnoses, mistreatment, prescription errors, birth injuries, hospitals errors, and abuse and neglect. These mistakes are often serious and can result in life altering injuries and even death.

If you believe you or a loved one are a victim of medical malpractice or medical negligence, it is vital to speak with an experienced Ohio medical malpractice attorney from Karp Steiger as soon as possible.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights

In Ohio, the applicable statute of limitations to bring a claim can be either when the medical malpractice occurred, when the patient, through the exercise of “reasonable care and diligence,” should have discovered the injury, or when the physician-patient relationship terminated. Thus, it is essential to speak with an experienced attorney who can help ensure you do not become time barred from bringing a claim.

Further, patients who are victims of medical malpractice and medical negligence have the burden of proof to show that the care received was not the standard of care in the community. This burden can be difficult to meet.

An Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

At Karp Steiger, our attorneys have experience in handling medical malpractice and medical negligence cases and assisting victims affected by a doctor’s malpractice or negligence. We understand how difficult it can be for patients to have their life altered by another’s negligent conduct and fight to obtain compensation for those victims. For a free case consultation, call our team of attorneys at 216-358-OHIO (6446).

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