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Ohio Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Lawsuits

In Ohio, bicycling is a popular mode of transportation when the weather permits it. Bicycling is a great form of exercise, is environmentally friendly, and just plain fun. However, bicycling can pose serious risks of harm and despite using protective equipment such as helmets, reflective clothing, and light reflectors on the bicycle itself, bicyclists still find themselves being injured. At the end of the day, a bicycle is no match for a motor vehicle.

Common causes of bicycle related injuries include being rear-ended or sideswiped by a motor vehicle, having a car door open in a cycling path, poorly maintained roadways and sidewalks, or animal attacks. Further, many drivers become impatient when trailing a bicyclist on the road and sometimes negligently attempt to pass the bicyclist, leading to the bicyclist being struck. If you suffer a bicycle accident, do not leave the scene until speaking with police who can document the incident. Further, obtain contact information from the party who caused the harm and take photographs of the scene, your injuries, your bicycle, and the motor vehicle if applicable.

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